P’s & Q’s : Marcia Hurwitz

by: Paul Sposare, Director of Sales & Marketing

February 11, 2021

Paul Sposare, Director of Sales & Marketing, interviews industry experts. This week featuring, Marcia Hurwitz, Talent Agent extraordinaire.

After 15 years as a partner and head of Innovative’s commercial and voiceover departments, Marcia Hurwitz launches her own company, MHMC (Marcia Hurwitz Management & Consulting).

Hurwitz specializes in endorsements, commercials and branding in on camera and voiceover including some of the worlds most recognized film and television animation voice artists. She pairs celebrities, experts, and influencers with branding and endorsement campaigns across all media platforms including satellite tours, corporate keynote and convention appearances.

Hurwitz continues to work with and now manages Wendie Malick, Ben Stein, Tim Curry, Charlie Adler, Jeff Bergman, Ruth E. Carter, and Richard Kern. Over her career, Hurwitz has helped procure deals for clients including Ashley Greene, John Slattery, Nancy Cartwright and Chandra Wilson.

P: Is there any classic movie that you would like to see remade for a new generation or is there any movie that was remade that you think perhaps should have stayed a classic?

M: I think An Affair To Remember should have stayed a classic and I would love to see All About Eve remade. Sadly there are still Eves today and it would be interesting to see modern day Eves as opposed to good old Anne Baxter!

P: What are the most fun award shows to attend?

M: They are all fun but they are stressful. The one the stands out for me and will always be the most special is when I attended the Tonys with Tim Curry and he was nominated as lead actor in a musical as was the show Spamalot. Spamalot won and all dignity went out the window as everyone rushed to the stage, confetti came streaming down and Mike Nichols and cast were ecstatic hugging and kissing each other.

P: Without naming names, what is the most diva-like behavior you have witnessed from a celebrity?

M: Hmm diva like behavior you ask. Well I will simply say that if someone is a diva nothing is off the table!

P: What was the coolest or over-the-top award show gift bag item you have received?

M: Gift bags in the old days were insane. They included high end watches, trips to Fiji, diamonds, all kinds of spa treatments and restaurant gift cards. However those were not for representatives just talent. But don’t get me wrong some of the swag bags I received were epic and they were very generous to include me.

P: What celebrity hang-out that has closed (due to COVID) can you not wait to re-open?

M: Sadly some restaurants have closed forever. Craig’s did a great job doing an outside that made you feel at home. And I really miss Musso and Frank – that place holds a special place in my heart.