Customized Personal Results with Royal Personal Training


The Fairmont Century Plaza Spa has partnered with Royal Personal Training to offer customized one-on-one training with the top trainers in Los Angeles. With 40-plus trainers, our elite team originates from all different backgrounds and all levels of expertise, ranging from injury rehabilitation, extreme transformations, athletic trainer, extensive nutrition guidance and more. RPT believes in result-driven training and will be there every step of the way to ensure you accomplish your goals. Your trainer will be as invested as you are, if not more. Our trainers are up on the latest industry trends and discoveries, backed by science and technology.



Your initial consultation will cover a fitness assessment, lifestyle and nutrition evaluation, and a detailed discussion of your fitness goals and aspirations. The resultant program will be one designed just for you, so you can achieve what you actually set out to accomplish. Additional services offered at RPT include nutritional counseling, goal mapping, exercise testing, body composition analysis, and much more…




Private Individual Fitness Instruction

60 min $185 | 90 min $265

Private Individual Yoga Instruction

60 min $185

Private Individual Yoga Sculpt Instruction

60 min $185

Private Couple Fitness Instruction

60 min $325

Private Couple Yoga Instruction

60 min $325

Yoga Group Class (3 – 6 Guests)

60 min $300

Group Fitness Instruction (3 – 6 Guests)

60 min $465


Must be booked 24 hours in advance

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy 

To contact our Spa team, please call 310-424-3032 or email us at [email protected].