How to Re-Create the Magic of a 5 Star Hotel Bed at Home

by: Martin Myung, Director of Housekeeping

February 18, 2021

This past year has been an interesting one as we’ve grown accustomed to staying home and, well, never leaving it. Those of us familiar with frequent traveling for business or pleasure have been missing out and longing for the day when life can go back to what we are used to. In the interim, here are a few tips on how to achieve that luxurious hotel bed experience right in your own home by our very own Director of Housekeeping, Martin Myung.

Start with a quality mattress.

Be ready to spend a little bit more if you’re looking to buy a hotel-grade bed. Hotel beds are specially made and not something that you would typically find in a traditional home store. If that’s not in the budget, you can always find a quality mattress, either a spring mattress or a foam one, from a store.

If you like your current mattress, you may also flip it over as long as it doesn’t have a pillow-top, or rotate it 180-degrees. This ensures you’re sleeping on different areas of the mattress and prolongs the life span.


Invest in some white, hypoallergenic goose down pillows.

Goose down pillows typically come in blends of 80% feather and 20% down or 60% feather and 40% down. The more down feathers, the softer the pillow is, and most companies will wash the feathers to make them hypoallergenic.

No matter what pillow you choose, remember to always go for the pillow protector as this will make cleaning easier and extend its life span.


Opt for 100% Egyptian cotton sheets.

As for sheets, stick to 100% Egyptian cotton, 400 thread count. This fabric will be breathable, more comfortable, and will last longer than the polyester blends. Cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic, odor-resistant and relatively easier to maintain.

Use two flat sheets to make your bed.
Luxury hotels use two flat sheets. That’s because flat sheets are easier to process in industrial irons after the wash. You can skip this part if you decide to go with a fitted sheet.

To make your bed, lay the bottom sheet at the head of the bed just before the mattress drops off into the headboard. With the flat sheet hanging off the foot of the bed, tuck the sheet into the bed. Starting with either side, lift the flat sheet on the left or right. Tuck the excess sheet into the mattress (this part doesn’t need to look pretty). Pull the sheet down and tightly tuck into place. Do the same for the opposite side. Now you’ve made two hospital corners at the foot of the bed.

Lay the top sheet upside down leaving a little extra at the top to fold over the duvet. With the sides untucked, lay the duvet on the bed. If your duvet cover has button closures, lay the opening at the bottom of the bed so you don’t feel those buttons while sleeping. Otherwise, place the opening at the head of the bed. Again, with the top sheet and duvet, make two hospital corners at the foot of the bed. Fold the top sheet over the duvet to seal it closed. Tuck in the sides and your bed is complete.

You may also leave the duvet untucked, if you prefer that look.


Flatten your pillows.

Before you throw your pillows on the bed and call it a day, place your pillows on a flat surface and flatten them out. This removes the air in the pillow as it evenly redistributes the feathers. Place them upright on the bed. If you have an Oxford pillowcase (the ones with a flap of fabric creating a border around the pillow), make sure the pillow’s “ears” aren’t drooping.

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