The Bar

Live music has flowed through the veins of the Century Plaza since day one from Sonny & Cher to Mariah Carey’s big debut, Elton John’s monumental performance, Aretha Franklin and everyone in between. The Bar at Century Plaza is the centralized heart embodying the energy of a great concert. The menu features a blend of five key pillars prominent for our hotel: art, music, community, history and eccentricity.

Digital design of a wine glass with smoke rising out of the glass.

Unwind by the flickering fireplace, soothing water feature or living green wall.

Curated towards the world traveler, who also happens to be the bar’s local guest, the menu consists of recognizable ingredients, presented in a modern, elegant, aperitif-sized format. Helmed by Beverage Director, CJ Catalano beverage service will be unique and appealing, with specialized glassware, and technique driven presentations that are more than just theatre: scented vaporizing dry ice, smokedcloches, and dehydrated house made dusts.

The food will be fresh, local and bursting with flavor, yet subtle, with the intention to enhance the guest experience. Local favorites are sure to be the tuna crudo or The Century Plaza spin on katsu sando by Executive Chef Atticus Garant.

An illustration of a Century Plaza hotel key.
A lady enjoys a salad at The Bar at Century Plaza.
Two men converse under the Century Plaza façade.
A view of the marble counter top and staff at The Bar at CP, a century city bar.
A couple enjoy lunch and drinks at The Bar at Century Plaza.
Century Plaza Spotify

Century Plaza Spotify

Tune in from afar, listen to the sounds of Fairmont Century Plaza wherever you are.