Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide Accor meeting planner points?

Yes, we do provide meeting planner points.

What is included in the rental of your event space?

We offer standard linen-less tables (rounds, schoolroom, cocktail), banquet chairs, and staging (customizable, but limited pieces), pens with pads on request, and water stations in the meeting rooms (not in public foyers).

How do I book a site visit?

Please contact our team at [email protected].

Do you offer menu tastings?

Yes, we do offer menu tastings.

Do any of your event spaces connect to an outdoor space?

Our Gold Lounge has a dedicated terrace and both private dining rooms in our Lumiere Restaurant have access to the French Garden.

What is the maximum capacity of your largest event space?

The Los Angeles Ballroom can accommodate a maximum of 1,868 people when set up in a standing configuration, without tables or staging.

Do you have outdoor event space options?

We offer a variety of event venues, including the Plaza Lawn, the French Garden, and the Gold Lounge Terrace. Additionally, our P2 level features a private event drive leading to our garage, along with the Front Plaza and Back Plaza areas, which are frequently used for hosting events.

Do you allow external vendors?

We do allow external vendors. For AV and production our inhouse vendor is Encore. You are permitted to work with an external production company. However all power, internet, WiFi and rigging will be managed and supplied by Encore.

What are your signing deposit terms?

You are requested to pay 25% of the estimated master account on signing.

What is the cancellation policy?

0 to 90 days before arrival: 90% of Anticipated Total Function Revenue*
91 to 180 days before arrival: 80% of Anticipated Total Function Revenue*
181 to 365 days before arrival: 70% of Anticipated Total Function Revenue*
366 days before arrival: 50% of Anticipated Total Function Revenue*

When in the latest time that alcohol can be served?

2:00 AM