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Experience our luxurious spa products globally renowned at our Fairmont Century Plaza Spa.

Cristophe Privé

Cristophe Privé

From Brussels to Beverly Hills, Cristophe has traveled all over the world making an indelible mark on the hair care industry, setting style trends from his salons and delivering innovative hair care lines. Cristophe has been trusted by Presidents, actors and many other prominent figures in the world to deliver wonderful results for their hair.



111 SPA/CLINIC is a revolutionary spa concept offering aesthetic performance face and body treatments for the first time in a multi-sensory, opulent spa environment. Founded and curated by renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, the treatments are inspired by his surgical expertise and multi-disciplinary approach to skin health, utilizing and combining clean and aesthetic-grade skincare, in-clinic technology and advanced medispa regimes. SPA/CLINIC is a true fusion of all the best that Harley Street has to offer: cutting-edge medical innovation, high-tech formulas, clinical results and a high-luxury experience.


Fitness On Demand

Fitness On Demand

FitnessOnDemand brings the world’s most in-demand fitness brands and trending workouts to on-demand users everywhere – and anywhere they are. Choose content that’s right for your brand and your members from a fitness library of more than 1,000 classes.

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Spa Services

Himalayan salt room, aromatherapy steam room, a Turkish bath hammam, and soothing massage treatments and restorative facials.

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Powered with innovative Technogym equipment, our Fitness Center is where state-of-the-art facilities converge with personal service.

Los Angeles, this is your hotel.

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