Biohacking Treatment

Through an exclusive partnership with biohacking expert, Dr. Oz Garcia, we are reinventing wellness culture with our bio-hacking treatment – a customized approach to recovery, wellbeing and anti-aging. Using infrared technology, neuroscience technology, and meditation bio-hacking offers an all-natural solutions to improve sleep quality, resolve stress and support mindfulness.

  • Sessions in the Oakworks Curva Lounger Anti-gravity Chair featuring a NASA inspired curve and tilt that induces relaxation;
  • Normatec compression boots, providing increased circulation, reduced inflammation, increased flexibility and decreased muscle tension;
  • Infrared PEMF Mat, to ease chronic pain, speed up recovery and provide total relaxation; NuCalm® sessions, to reduce stress by using clinically-proven neuroscience technology which addresses the brain circuitry in the limbic system, hypothalamus and brainstem, responsible for activating the stress response;
  • LED Face Visors which use a combination of red light, blue light and amber light to facilitate blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, generate collagen, reduce enlarged pores, improve cell turnover, and more.
  • Personalized Dr. Oz Garcia nutrition consultations.


Treatments Available:

  • 30 Min – Power nap – $150
  • 60 Min – Sleep, Mindfulness, and De-stress – $250
  • 90 Min – Sleep, Mindfulness, and De-stress – $325