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Top down view of massage products and the Hypervolt handheld percussion massage gun.


Hyperice is the world leader in fitness and recovery technology, relied on by pro athletes and wellness enthusiasts around the globe. Hyperice treatments deliver a premium rejuvenation experience, designed to help you feel your best, and ease stress and tension, whether you are recovering from a workout, need to loosen muscle knots and unwind, or could simply use some self-care to reset your body. Fairmont guests can choose from in-room Hyperice wellness services, enhanced spa treatment options, and enjoy access to a suite of Hyperice technology in our state-of-the-art fitness center.

A close up on a LILFOX jade roller.


LIL FOX is a performance driven line of luxury botanical skincare and beauty. Formulated with stunning earth conceived ingredients and love, LIL FOX offers a contemporary and elegant aesthetic celebrating the artistry of beauty.

A close up of a rustic wooden lattice.


The world’s only patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to resolve stress and improve sleep quality – without drugs.

A view of a bed with a black Eight Sleep mattress.

Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep is the first Sleep Fitness company. The Pod sleep system provides personalized thermoregulation, allowing each side of the bed to individually cool or heat based on the user’s preferred climate. Using temperature and intelligent recommendations, the Pod helps users fall asleep faster, stay asleep without interruptions, and get better quality sleep overall

A woman relaxing on a bed and letting her hair down.


Nollapelli combines the latest in beauty science, textile technology and sleep discovery to help you sleep well and wake up looking and feeling your best. Their patent-pending linens for sleep and spa ensure your skin and hair are always protected, no matter where you lay your head.

A line up of Clear spa products.


Rooted in carefree California simplicity,
Sandoval’s life-enhancing aromatics stir the spirit and quiet the mind. Hand-blended with only natural essential oils, absolutes, woods, and resins sourced from around the world, our scents are rich in natural aromatherapy benefits and free from synthetic perfumes and additives that can disrupt the rhythms of the body.

A close up on a collection of Natura Bissē products.

Natura Bissé

Diamond Well-Living is a complete line of eight body products for home use and an exceptional menu of personalized professional rituals that maintains the excellence of the Diamond Collection but has been translated into unparalleled sensoriality and, of course, gorgeous skin.

A collection of Dr. Levy creams laid out on a towel.

Dr. Levy

Dr. Levy is visibly transformative skincare based on one of the most important recent anti-ageing discoveries, the dermal stem cells reservoirs. Dr. LEVY Switzerland®’s revolutionary skincare is the world’s first cosmeceutical; proven to revitalize dermal stem cells in vitro, the primary source of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production.

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