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We rise with the sun at dawn; we rest with it at dusk. All through the day, it illuminates Los Angeles like nowhere else on Earth, pushing our bodies to play, urging us to explore the streets, trails and beaches. At Fairmont Spa Century Plaza, we channel this fundamental energy to you through treatments designed to enliven your skin, restore your muscles and soothe your spirit. Here, we unite ancient modalities of movement with sophisticated technologies to transform our awareness of what our bodies can achieve. We invite you to share this space with us and begin your own story of connection—to the glamour of the city and the elemental brilliance of the sun, but most of all, to yourself.

Our spa programming harnesses the power of nature’s elements, allowing guests to experience and connect to the true essence of Los Angeles. Every experience unites expert therapies across global destinations. Immersive yet inviting, nurturing and personalized.

Sound Therapy

The Hideaway


A view of a water basin and the wooden lattice found in Fairmont Century Plaza.
A lady massages her skin while looking in a large mirror.
A lady uses a type of skin roller while looking in the mirror.
The wooden lattice design found in the Fairmont Century Plaza spa.

Spa Products

LILFOX products offer a contemporary and elegant aesthetic celebrating the artistry of beauty.


Powered with innovative Technogym equipment, our Fitness Center is where state-of-the-art facilities converge with personal service.

Our Partners

Our Partners have lectured all over the world and have been pioneers in the study of nutrition, anti-aging, and wellness.

Los Angeles, this is your hotel.

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