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Laura by Juame Plensa

In the mesh portrait Laura, Jaume Plensa (Spanish, b. 1955, pronounced ZHOW-meh Puhlensa) explores the concept of the infinite in everyday life. The artist sees the infinite as a concept and place just beyond our own grasp and hopes to bring viewers that much closer to the dream of touching the infinite with Laura. Standing at 23 feet tall, Laura floats weightlessly in a pool of water. The pool creates a space of limitless depth and also acts as a mirror, reflecting Laura back upon herself in a continuous dialogue between the material and immaterial. The serene portrait evokes a sense of stillness and calm, in spite of being situated amidst the bustling urban landscape of Los Angeles. Integrating water–an essential element central in LA’s oceanside identity yet rare in urban spaces–creates a deeper moment of tranquility in the experience of the sculpture.

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